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How the content is delivered

It is very important to have the content you need delivered in a way that suits your work-flow.

All modules below can be taken individually or as a portfolio.

You can chose video units, downloadable pdfs and follow-up support.



Short video clips on demand

As you know, short video clips are a very effective way of learning professional development programmes.

You can watch at a time to fit around your workflow commitments.

Each video will give you plenty of reflection tasks to stretch your thinking. This is focused on your workplace experinces.


No more studies that are at the wrong time and in inconvenient places


Downloadable pdf

The content here covers the same as the videos. It can be used on its own or alongside the the videos.

It is a workbook model that can be read anywhere on any device.

The thinking challenges are insightful and encourage real-life engagaement.

No more irrelevant 'ticklist only' activities 

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Business Meeting


Follow-up support

Research shows that having a friendly 'performance buddy' to hold you to account is the best way to ensure that learning is structured for success. 

Use us for this and get advice on how to apply your new skills and knowledge.

No more unfinished courses that aren't put into practice


Take action

Now get started and make a real difference by being a top level middle leader

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