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Bill Lowe:      Trainer | Author | Consultant

This is me with Chris Griffiths, the founder of OpenGenius. I had just finished training to become an Applied Innovation Instructor.


This training was a time of reinvention for me.


After a decade of working in higher education - focussed on writing and delivering Undergraduate and Masters Degree level work in both leadership and teaching - I decided to make this experience available to a wider audience

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The Applied Innovation training I did came after working with Chris and his team to get Buzan accredited MindMap trainer status.

If you add this to the Masters Degree I have in Leadership and Digital Curriculum, you can see that I have a wide range of qualifications where contemporary knowledge is backed up by a high level of academic understanding.

I have worked with individuals and presented training to large groups - the biggest being 400.

I was head of a school in Gloucestershire and led a diverse team in a middle leadership role at university.

My experience extends outside of education. I have sold in publishing, finance and industrial storage.

In addition to this, I have been an employer and a freelance. All this has put me where I am now.

Roles and positions:

  • UK Consultant | Innovation specialist - Master Trainer Institute, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Head of Quality Assurance and Assessment | Master Trainer - OpenGenius

  • Buzan Mind Mapping Licensed Instructor

  • Visiting Lecturer - University of Birmingham, UK.

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