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Middle Leadership

Middle leaders can be the driving force in any organisation, but they need to know how to do it.

It's not only about data and checklists - although these are important - it's the way you do it that makes the difference.

Here we have a portfolio of wide reaching content and sharply focussed information to help you be a genuinely effective middle leader.


The sort of leader that has a massive impact by gaining the respect and trust of both team members and senior colleagues.

Want results? Don't be this guy!

Thank you for being interested in becoming an excellent middle leader. Your profession needs you.


We're not too keen on calling people we've never met to find out about how they can help us.

We know we're not the only ones who want to avoid the awkward phone call.

That's why we invite you to contact us via email. We can guarantee a pressure-free conversation.

Contact us here. The process is entirely under your control.

The complete package includes

Specialist individual areas

It's easy to be put off a development programme because you don't need all the sections

Have a look at our specialist content here

Problem Solving Strategies for Innovative Leaders

The toughest parts of being a leader and manager are problem solving and introducing innovation.


Colleagues can put up barriers to change and don't commit to any actions.

Find out how to:

  • Solve problems

  • Avoid barriers to change

  • Make changes that stick

  • Ask the right people the right questions

  • Apply innovations that colleagues commit to

Come away with:

  • Strategies that structure your thinking

  • A good understanding of why these work

  • The physical tools to make things work

  • Confidence in your decisions

Leadership Dispositions: How effective leaders behave

There seem to be a lot of unpopular leaders in schools today. Too many are seen as being untrustworthy bullies. I am sure that things are exaggerated but how you behave as a leader will make the difference between success and failure, and respect and serious unpopularity 

Find out how to:

  • Get colleagues on your side

  • Develop trust

  • Use empathy properly

  • Build a team that will support you, no matter what.

Come away with:

  • Strategies that will build trust

  • An understanding of how to act when things get tough

  • Ways that will motivate your colleagues

  • Approaches that will help build success

Anything you need?

Something you need to develop but can't see it here?

Let us know - we'll build it for you

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