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Online training: what learners want...

Master Trainer Institute (Switzerland)
Schouten Romania

Helena Lopes


Thank you everyone who completed our survey. This is the start of our feedback.

Online sessions should:

Be be no longer than 3 hours

Have between 7 and 13 delegates

Have supporting materials

More to come

MTI: Team Effectiveness INSIGHTS

Ask yourself
How does the new team dynamic look?
Do people have new expectations?
Who have been our outstanding performers?
A new product from MTI
Contact us to get help solving difficult new problems


Problem solving

When you have a problem to solve, don't forget that:

Empathy is hard when you

haven't had the same experience.

Different colleagues will have different opinions.

Progress will need consensus.

Why do I have to come in but they don't?

Will my targets look different?

Who will be supervising me?
Don't wait for your team to ask. Just lead.
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