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Middle leaders: Why repeat the mistakes that your leaders have made?

As an aspiring or new middle leader, why repeat the mistakes that your leaders have made?

Our leaders can be very irritating. Often we think they are quite simply wrong – yet do we make the same mistakes as we move up the ladder? Yes.

If you have been needlessly micromanaged, make a note of it. Question the reason.

Have you been delegated work that is beyond your current ability? Or has the extra work harmfully added to your workload? Record how it makes you feel.

I remember a new manager arriving and very quickly taking away some of my delegated tasks. It wasn’t to do with them thinking I was unable or overworked – it was because they didn’t trust me to do it properly. You can imagine how I received that news!

As a senior level leader, I never did this to one of my team. I knew the damage it could cause.

As obvious as this seems, I always hear the same stories of bad leadership and management.

The old errors keep surfacing and the same unsatisfactory outcomes reappear. Time after time. Why do we do it?

Be the leader who breaks this circle.

And don't wait for Simon Sinek to tell you! We've told you. so get on with it.

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