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When workers have been on the end of incivility at work -
48% intentionally decreased their work effort

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Two out of three workers change

 jobs because of lack of training

Fear the 'new normal'?
4 Things leaders can start to consider in order to meet
the challenges of a workforce with new expectations
  • Empathy is hard when you haven’t had the same experience: find out how employees have been affected. The exact problem?

  • Understand colleagues’ differing opinions: age-old conflict resolution strategies, very necessary now.

  • Progress will need consensus. How will it look with different work settings and attitudes?

  • New problems need new facilitation strategies: learn some

New work from Master Trainer Institute - an update for 2020

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Story Title

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Allow yourself to:

Encourage innovation by sharing mistakes

Build a risk-taking culture centred on trust

Admit to being a novice when you don't know 



Online Learning Survey

As promised, here are the results of the survey carried out by Schouten Romania and Master Trainer Institute Switzerland

This is the first part of a joint project to take online learning and training forward.

It is a fast moving scene, so your comments are welcome

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Facilitation INSIGHTS

We can help you navigate difficult situations
Difficult participants?

Are they are exposing our limitations?

Are they a threat to our control of the meeting?

Do we know why they are being 'difficult'?

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