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Learn the essential skills of an expert middle leader.

For established, new and aspiring leadership professionals



Knowing 'what' to do is only a small part of leadership

We show you the 'how' - and take you from an OK middle leader to exceptional one

Find out how to avoid being the leader that is difficult to work with



Have you been on a training course and ended up with pages of written notes, but not much else?
How many books do you have with pages of underlined phrases that you have forgotten?
What about the highlighted workbook sheets from webinars that are sitting in an app somewhere?
Our learning systems will help you get out of these common traps and make your training investments worthwhile.
Middle leadership throws up unique challenges.
Motivating colleagues, addressing conflict and building the trust of your team are a few of the things middle leaders face.
The training based on the core content of this book will help you solve these problems and make you a popular and very effective middle leader.
To take your career to the next level, drop me a message at 
I can arrange training for groups of aspiring middle leaders and those who are already in post.
Be sure that the training is not the book transferred to a slide deck. We will work with your needs.
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People I work with

Collaboration is important.

I work with some of the leading exponents in the fields of leadership, leaning and innovation.

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